Where We Are

The Casine Belvedere is immersed in the olive groves of Northern Salento,

a "green ocean" a few kilometeres from Lecce and Brindisi which are ideal departure cities

for the Ionia and Adriatico seas, both equal distance from Casine Belvedere

and of major interest of the regions of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto. 

Casine Belvedere - Siamo qui

How to arrive


By airplane:

the Brindisi airport is just 15 minutes away

By train:

Use the train station for Squinzano where all trains traveling North stop.

Principal trains to Squinzano are:

from Milan: departure 11:05 via Lecce, arriving 21:00

from Tonino: departure 7:45 via Lecce, arriving 19:35

from Rome: departure 7:38 via Bari, arriving 14:27

departure 15:05 via Bari, arriving 00:45

departure 20:40 arriving 7:59

departure 21:20 via Brindisi, arriving 8:31

departure 11:55 via Bari, arriving 00:45

By car:

For GPS: Long. 18░ 1' 18'' E - Lat. 40░ 25' 37'' N

Take A14 to the exit for Bari Nord, turn onto E55 and head to Brindisi

to the BrindisiČLecce roadway. Exit at the second exit for Squinzano

and continue. At the first roundČabout follow the signs for Casine Belvedere.

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